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A powerfully different and inspiring keynote speaker that elevates performance levels right now!


“In “Think it! Work it! Do it!” Joyce Rice has captured all the values and priorities of a successful life. Just reading the book offers you a perpetual vision and hope for the future.”

Dr. Peggy Y. Boone

Educator, Counselor & Author

“I think High Schools should consider “Think It, Work It, Do It” to be required reading to enhance students opportunities in the work place or in secondary education. ”
Charles R Ahlbrecht

Retired President Western States Surveying Inc

“I just read the beginning and cannot wait to experience the entire book. I have known Joyce and her extraordinary talent and persistence and am anxious to learn her definition of a pathway to success.”
Gordon Adkins

“Thank you for your outstanding presentation. Your talent, enthusiasm and good sense were refreshing as well as entertaining. The feedback was unanimous and enthusiastically positive.”
Gil Skopp

Speaker Chairman, Southern California Valleys Council, NMA

“Joyce writes as she lives – with enthusiasm, vigor, honesty, integrity. While “hometown” readers may be expecting a brief autobiography of the girl they saw grow up, they will be very pleased to see that the childhood values they witnessed have clearly stretched into her adult life. This book shares personal concepts and deep insight. Well done and worth the read!”
Mary Kilburn

“Joyce, it was so rewarding to hear someone who practices the principles they advocate. Your keynote was a tremendous success!!”

Diane Kistler

COB & Pres. of I.T.T. Management Assn.

“You were a delight – – inspirational, entertaining and all within the subject of ‘motivation’. Thank you for making our 30th Anniversary Dinner Dance a huge success!”
Paul Johnson

President Eastern Madera County Chamber of Commerce

“The feedback from many members was: Excellent speaker! Ms. Rice has the ability to keep one’s attention! Also, a serious message but climaxed on a humorous note…..”
Frances Anderson

National Director National Management Assn., General Dynamics Space Systems, Vandenberg AFB

“Your zest for life and high energy level were quickly conveyed to our membership. It was our most enjoyable, informative and fun program.”
Carol Casey

American Business Women’s Assn., Madison, WI

“When my Grandson (who was dyslexic) was entering college, I wanted to help him have a great college experience. I had just read Ms Rice’s book “Think It Work It Do It” and purchased a copy for him. He has utilized the concepts and will graduate this coming December. The positive philosophies and work ethic he learned from this book were invaluable in his pursuit of a college degree. ”
Charles R Ahlbrecht

Retired President Western States Surveying Inc

“Think it! Work it! Do it! is a powerful and motivational addition to the world of literature. It is a practical handbook that shows you how to be a true winner – like Joyce!

The story keeps your eyes floating from page to age while applicable tips and tricks inspire you to make beneficial changes in your own life as well.”

Qat Wanders

Author and Motivational Speaker

“A note of thanks for inspiring us at our state convention! I heard wonderful comments on your talk and entertainment for us on Saturday. You lifted the spirit and confidence of everyone at the convention to think and achieve success!

We are eternally grateful for all your gifts and I, the gift of our friendship!”

Rita A. Carlson

Assistant to the Immediate Past National Regent , State Regent, Iowa, Catholic Daughters of the Americas


Experience the ease of working with Joyce and your audiences’ enthusiastic approval!