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A powerfully different and inspiring keynote speaker that elevates performance levels right now!

Action Speaker

Powerful – Engaging – Fun!

Joyce blends physical and verbal communication making valuable points memorable.

Showing and Telling Valuable Life Lessons

Basics to Creation

In all endeavors, mastering the basics provides the foundation and building blocks to create and innovate.

Concentrate and Relax

The ability to concentrate and relax simultaneously is an important prerequisite to learning and performing a task well.


  • Immediately sense Joyce is authentic, speaks from her heart and is passionate in helping them find and develop the best within themselves.
  • Be totally engaged and invigorated with their new-found action plan!

With decades of professional experience and varied communication skills, Joyce has the ‘know-how done with ease and excellence’ that audiences and event planners love!

Joyce’s Keynote

“Think It, Work It, Do It!”

The Universal Action Plan and mantra used by private individuals to business tycoons for elevating performance levels and overall success.


  • Keep motivated and energized?
  • Kick-start extraordinary confidence?
  • Learn the life lessons experienced and utilized by Joyce on her journey to Best In The World?

Joyce’s companion book Think it! Work it, Do It! Winning in Life and Business expands and drives home the strategies and principles presented in the keynote.

Additional topics:

Living Young With Clarity, Commitment, and Courage

Lessons learned and shared by a youthful energetic 80+-year-old. Inspiring and Transforming!


Unique and Successful in a Copycat World

How to develop the confidence and courage needed to Grow and Do YOUR God-given talents.


Or A Presentation customized to fit:
  • Event Theme
  • Event Objectives
  • Event Mission

After collaborating with you, she will send a presentation framework for approval. Experience the integrity and ease of working with Joyce.

You’ll love your audience’s enthusiastic approval! And… taking your bows!

Watch Joyce In Action at NSA

Belief and Desire Release Ability

More Examples of Joyce Rice in Action

Life-Changing Event

How to Control Your Thoughts and Feelings

Power of Preparation

Thank you for your interest in hiring Joyce Rice for your next event.

Here are the documents related to working with Joyce. Review, then use the links below to download the original documents. Please contact Joyce by phone at 702-735-8868 or email at for more information.

Speaker Flyer

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Simple Speaker Agreement

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Speaker Introduction

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“Thank you for your outstanding presentation. Your talent, enthusiasm and good sense were refreshing as well as entertaining. The feedback was unanimous and enthusiastically positive.”
Gil Skopp

Speaker Chairman, Southern California Valleys Council, NMA

“The true test of a motivational talk is one that imparts some practical and timely information, yours passed that test with flying colors. The feedback that summarizes best for me was ‘Use Joyce Rice as a quality standard. Thank you for making me look good.”
Eddie Small

VP, BFM Energy Products

“Joyce, it was so rewarding to hear someone who practices the principles they advocate. Your keynote was a tremendous success!!”

Diane Kistler

COB & Pres. of I.T.T. Management Assn.


Experience the ease of working with Joyce and your audiences’ enthusiastic approval!