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A powerfully different and inspiring keynote speaker that elevates performance levels right now!


Think it! Work it! Do it! is the action plan with proven principles and practices to Win in Life and Business. It is about how YOU can reach and exceed your desires, goals, and dreams.

This book will help you:

  • Maximize talent
  • Elevate performance levels, potential, and morale
  • Overcome fear of failing
  • Master the art of innovation
  • Take action to accelerate growth now

You are capable and responsible for fulfilling your desires, goals, and dreams.

Use this book as your guide to Win in Life and Business – a life filled with Purpose, Passion, and Joy

“In ‘Think it! Work it! Do it!’ Joyce Rice has captured all the values and priorities of a successful life. Just reading the book offers you a perpetual vision and hope for the future.”
Dr. Peggy Y. Boone

Educator, Counselor & Author

“I just read the beginning and cannot wait to experience the entire book. I have known Joyce and her extraordinary talent and persistence and am anxious to learn her definition of a pathway to success.”
Gordon Adkins


Experience the ease of working with Joyce and your audiences’ enthusiastic approval!