"Joyce, it was so rewarding to hear someone who practices the principles they advocate!  Your keynote was a tremendous success!!" - COB and Pres. Federal Electric Mgmt. Assn.

“The feedback from many members was: Excellent speaker! Ms. Rice has the ability to keep one’s attention! Also, a serious message but climaxed on a humorous note…..” – Frances Anderson, National Director, National Management Assn., General Dynamics Space Systems, Vandenberg AFB 

  “Your zest for life and high energy level were quickly conveyed to our membership. It was our most enjoyable, informative and fun program.”  -Carol Casey, American Business Women’s Assn., Madison, WI   

“You were a delight - - inspirational, entertaining and all within the subject of ‘motivation’. Thank you for making our 30th Anniversary Dinner Dance a huge success! – Paul Johnson, President, Eastern Madera County Chamber of Commerce   

“I am most pleased to express our appreciation to you for your outstanding presentation. Your talent, enthusiasm and good sense were refreshing as well as entertaining. The feedback I received from the chapter delegates was unanimous and enthusiastically positive.” – Gil Skopp, Speaker Chairman, Southern California Valleys Council, NMA 

  “The true test of a motivational talk is one that imparts some practical and timely information on its listeners: according to the feedback I have received, your presentation passed that test with flying colors. The comment that summarizes best for me was ‘Use Joyce Rice as a quality standard.’ Joyce, thank you for making me look good.” – Eddie Small, Vice President, BFM Energy Products